Dear J,

Wednesday 4/16/14

To my bubby J:

I am lying here in this hotel bed DYING to be with you. We can spend hours in here just you and me. I wouldn’t let you leave. I need one of those nights so bad. Friday was the biggest tease in the entire world. The butterflies came right back. When I was sitting on the arm of that chair kissing your forehead, nothing else mattered. Everyday we get closer to summer and the fun things coming up. Though things have been weird lately I want you to know how excited I am for them. Because I truly do love you and so much. Always will. I can’t wait to talk later hun. You’re so busy lately. I just wanna nap with you. Well I love you. Talk to you soon. And see you even sooner :) 4 days

Your girl,
K80 Lizzÿ Farnie

Wednesday 4/9/14

Dear James, 

Reading that I’m able to come up on Friday honestly made me so happy. I love day trips. I love your games whether you’re playing or not I love supporting. I love lacrosse. I want to fucking kill it, but its a fun sport to watch and I’m pumped. Oh yeah and I guess I’m pumped to see you. It’s been so long since I’ve last seen you. Like insanely long. I always get so excited to reunite. My best friend.

I really hope all things with school are going well. I think about that and you really all the time. I worry about you just because I want you happy and doing what you love up at school. I’m not there to see that you’re doing that so I hope that you are. I cant believe how close you are to being done. It’s so insanely soon. You should be thrilled. What a year you’ve had. I’m so proud of you for handling it all the way you did. You should be proud too. 

I don’t really know where my heads at lately. I really don’t. Maybe that’s why I’ve been so weird. I’d talk about this with you but have nothing to say. I don’t know. However you know I’ll always love your company, love keeping you company, and most importantly I’ll always love you. I’ll talk to you soon. I just want to say lastly thanks again for reading my paper Sunday. I’m excited to get it back with the edits you and my dad made. Anyways it really means a lot that you want to help me and hear about my day. You’re a great guy. I’m sorry things are weird. 

Until next time.

Xo, Kate